“I’ll be able to touch, feel, and embrace the other half of me.”

— Edward Jenkins | Atlanta, GA

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Why Spokeo Reviews?

At Spokeo we value your feedback. We are committed to providing the best people search experience possible, and promise to do every thing we can to ensure your satisfaction.

What People Are Saying About Spokeo...

Sam F

OMG, THANK YOU!!! You ROCK!!! I did not think customer service like this existed any more. You not only unraveled my blundering, but also made it all right even though you were not obliged to. Wow!! Thank you so much!

Rachael F

Thank you for being so understanding and thorough in your responce. I am thankful you explained why you are unable to give a full refund. I accept the $17.00 and I am grateful for your time. You are a good company and I wish I had understood in the first place and none of this would have been an issue. I will have no ill words toward your company. In fact I will say a good word to anybody I know looking for a loved one or person they might be needing to find out about. I like to see an honest and just company and clearly you show that.

Cindy H

Your service is very useful to us because you offer multiple options (email, phone number, address, name) by which we can verify customer information. If we can't find information under one category, we find what we need, 99% of the time, under a different search category. In addition, you list other relatives, as well as previous residents at addresses, and this often helps us verify if a customer is who they say they are. With so much fraud on the internet, your site provides our business with a one-stop, quick and efficient way, to verify a customer's legitimacy.


Just a quick thanks for the excellent customer service! I am between jobs for the first time in 25 years (!), and as the months have passed, I have had to cut a lot of costs. But please be assured with the instant and very helpful assistance I received that I will definitely be subscribing again once my financial outlook is back on an even keel! Thanks again!

Margaret S

Thank you so much! I've just reunited with an old friend I haven't talked to in fifteen years!

Adam P

Thank you you've been a great help! I found my Dad:)!

Christina J

You are the best site after years looking for my father and my mother passing 6 years ago as a guest on this site I found a address and wrote a letter and with in a week my father and aunt called me and a week later my husband got me a Greyhound bus ticket and the past 2 weeks we have been together. Thank you!!

Lynn B

Wow! That was quick and painless. I might consider renewing now. Great customer service! Thank you so much.

Kristin S

I must say I am extremely impressed with your response times in this situation. You all have displayed a true sense of urgency to help, and I sincerely appreciate that …Restores my faith in internet businesses. Thank you very much for this.